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Vol 23, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Analysis of Wheel-Rail Contact under partial slip and low speed conditions PDF
Extended isogeometric analysis using analysis-suitable T-splines for plane crack problems PDF
Habib Sadam Houcine, I. Belaidi 11 - 17
Mechanical model for fracture toughness assessment PDF
Alexander A. Baron 18 - 21


Modelling of heat and mass transfer processes in phase transformation cycle of sprayed water into gas: 5. Numerical modelling optimization of phase transformation cycle for droplets slipping in gas flow PDF
Gintautas Miliauskas, M. Maziukienė, E. Puida 22 - 30
Enhancements of thermal performances of an active magnetic refrigeration device based on nanofluids PDF
Younes Chiba 31 - 38
Research of factors influencing the burnout quality inside a biomass combustion chamber PDF
Tomas Vonžodas 39 - 46
Investigation of the ESP Cleaning Efficiency of the Flue Gases in the Wide Range of Re numbers PDF
Robertas Poskas 47 - 54
Numerical Analysis of Compound heat transfer enhancement by single and two-phase models in parabolic through solar receiver. PDF
Amina Benabderrahmane, Abdelylah Benazza 55 - 61
Experimental investigation of transport refrigerator with eutectic plate evaporator and economizer with intermediate heat exchanger PDF
Liutauras Vaitkus, Vytautas Dagilis 62 - 69
Exergy efficiency of a ventilation heat recovery exchanger at a variable reference temperature PDF
Vytautas Martinaitis, Juozas Bielskus, Karolis Januševičius, Paulius Bareika 70 - 77
Effects of Arrangement and Phase Difference of Oscillation of Synthetic Jets on Heat Transfer in Micro-channels PDF
jahanfar khaleghinia, Farshad Kowsary, Cyrus Aghanajafi 78 - 83


Numerical analysis of the counterintuitive dynamic behavior of the elastic-plastic fully-clamped beams under impulsive loading PDF
Mehdi Shams Alizadeh, Kourosh Heidari Shirazi, Shapour Moradi, Hamid Mohammad Sedighi 84 - 91
Study on the Interaction of Electric Vehicle Roll and Battery Pack Stability PDF
Yuezhen Fan, Jie Sun 92 - 99
Theoretical and experimental investigation of backlash effects on a 2-DOF robotic balancing table PDF
Gokhan Bayar 100 - 106


Analysis of effect of impeller geometry including blade outlet angle on the performance of multi-pressure pumps: Simulation and experiment PDF
N. Mohammadi, M. Fakharzadeh 107 - 119
Rope-Free Elevator System Based on Planar Positioners for Vertical and Horizontal Transport PDF
Roman Trochimczuk, Tomasz Huścio 120 - 125
Numerical study of lateral wind effect on parachute dropping based on finite element method PDF
Han CHENG, Lin WEI, Bin ZHOU, Qiang HE, Peng XIAO 126 - 131
Finite element and isogeometric correlation analysis using Modal As-surance Criterion PDF
Farid Asma, Sofiane Kacel 132 - 137


Determination of The Most Appropriate Surgical Treatment in Syn-desmotic Injury of Ankle Joint: Application of Taguchi Method PDF
Levent uğur 138 - 145
Research on Design of the Smart Factory for Forging Enterprise in the Industry 4.0 Environment PDF
Pei Fengque, Tong Yifei, He Fei, Li Dongbo 146 - 152
Prediction and Experimental Study on Cutting Force of Austempered Vermicular Graphite Cast Iron Using Artificial Neural Network PDF
Semih Ozden 153 - 159

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983