Material of the manuscripts submitted for publication to the journal must be original and previously unpublished. During the period of 1995-2016 in the journal it was published: about more than 1506 scientific papers. Therein 553 papers of foreign scientists and countries (Algeria, Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Byelorussia, China, Estonia, Germany, India, France, Finland, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Thailand, Ukraine, USA and etc.).

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Vol 22, No 5 (2016)

Table of Contents


The temperature and pre-crack length effects on delamination resistance of woven GFRP sandwich composites PDF
Meltem Evren Toygar, Farshid Khosravi Maleki 331 - 336
Identification of elastic properties of individual material phases by cou-pling of micromechanical model and evolutionary algorithm PDF
W. Ogierman, G. Kokot 337 - 342
Numerical homogenization of the foamed metal structures PDF
A. John, M. John, A. Bartela 343 - 348
Determination critical stresses of buckling on basis of stresses and geometrical parameters analyses PDF
Aušra Malatokienė, Antanas Ziliukas 349 - 353
Investigation on low cycle fatigue of aluminium alloy welded joints PDF
Sigitas Kilikevičius, Ramūnas Česnavičius, Povilas Krasauskas, Romualdas Dundulis, Nagesh Sai Madhusudanan 354 - 358
Flow stress behavior and constitutive model of 7055 aluminum alloy during hot plastic deformation PDF
Tao Zhang, Wu Yun-xin, Gong Hai, Shi Wen-ze, Jiang Fang-min 359 - 365
Cracked scuba panel safety valve disc fracture analysis PDF
Goran Vukelic 366 - 370
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of fracture behaviour of adhesively bonded single lap-joints PDF
Ali Benhamena, A. Djebli, L. Aminallah, A. Aid, M. Benguediab, A. Amrouche 371 - 375
The effect of cold and hot reformation process to mechanical properties of deformed automobile chassis material PDF
Bekir Çevik, H. Kocaman, B. Çevik, A. Durgutlu, T. Fındık 376 - 379


The application of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method to the simulation and analysis of blanking process PDF
Lukasz Bohdal 380 - 387
Study of the solidification process of a phase change material contained in a heat exchanger with the presence of a porous medium PDF
Bendermel Othman, Seladji Chakib 388 - 395


Research of hand tremor vibrations and interference with external me-chanical oscillations source PDF
Mantas Venslauskas, Edvinas Litvinas, Andrius Romualdas Juknevičius, Vytautas Ostaševičius 396 - 400
Dynamic Modeling of the Line Throwing Rocket with Flight Motion Based on Kane’s Method PDF
Ming Lu, Gu Wenbin, Liu Jianqing, Wang Zhenxiong, Xu Jinling 401 - 409
Simulation of a vibrating reed exciter for thickening different fabrics in weaving loom PDF
Maciej Kuchar, Krzysztof Siczek 410 - 415


Method for determination of interaction between a two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle and its rider PDF
Maciej Ciężkowski 416 - 424


Study on the charging combination optimization for forging production based on discrete shuffled frog leaping algorithm PDF
Zhu Baiqing, Lu Haixing, Bai Shaobu, Tong Yifei, He Fei 425 - 431
Investigation of fracture of carbon steel springs used for furniture application PDF
Rasa Kandrotaite Janutiene 432 - 437
Olive seperation machine based on image processing PDF
Melih Kuncan, Hüseyin Metin Ertunç 438 - 443
Analysis of 50 m Backstroke Class S4 Disabled Swimmers Race Parameters PDF
Ginas Cizauskas, Kestutis Skucas, N. Lagūnavičienė, V. Pokvytytė 444 - 448
The sedimentation of magneto-rheological fluid monitoring system based on resistivity measuring PDF
Joris Vėžys, E. Dragašius, V. Volkovas, A. Mystkowski, E. Korobko 449 - 452

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983